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rcs_website_v2001003.jpg Copper Mountain Technologies
High performance VNA's at a great price!
S-parameter Vector Network Analyzers designed for operation with an external PC. The interface is implemented in a virtual format: they connect to any Windows-capable machine via USB and deliver accurate testing and measurement through a platform that can keep up with constant advancements as well as be remotely accessed.
Reactel is a leading manufacturer of custom RF & Microwave Filters, Multiplexers and Assemblies for commercial, military and space solutions. Reactel specializes in Discrete Component Filters, Ceramic Filters, Cavity Filters, Interdigital Filters, Waveguide Filters, Suspended Substrate Filters, Tubular Filters, Multifunction Assemblies including Switched Filter Banks.
Reactel Incorporated
Berkeley Nucleonics provides PC driven Signal Generators, Signal Synthesizers and Phase Noise Testers up to 40GHz.
Berkeley Nucleonics
rcs_website_v2001001.jpg OMMIC
OMMIC is a supplier of MMIC circuits, Foundry Service and Epitaxial Wafers based on III-V (GaAs, GaN and InP) materials. OMMIC is a leader in advanced technologies, providing its customers with cutting edge performance for Telecommunication, Space and Defence Hi-Rel Applications.

The State of the Art Technologies include mixed mode E/D PHEMT, Low Noise and Power pHEMT, mHEMT, InP/DHBT, GaN/Si and GaN/SiC allowing the design of a wide range of MMICs including LNA's, Power Amps and Wideband Amps from DC to 160 GHz as well as Highly Integrated T/R Control Function devices.

OMMIC offers Standard Products and as well as Custom Designs. OMMIC also offers Foundry Services with Complete Design Kits, Training and Design Assistance. Hermetic and plastic packaging, test and qualification (including Space and Military) are also available.
-ISO9001:2008 Certified
-ISO14001:2004 Certified
Very competitively priced RF / Microwave interconnect solutions. Catalogue and custom products. Huge selection available from stock.
Polyfet RF Devices
Broadband RF Power MOSFET’s and Power Modules
Reactel Incorporated MegaPhase
RF/Microwave Cable Assembies DC to 110 GHz
ANOISON rcs_website_v2003003.jpg
Renaissance Electronics / HXI
Renaissance Electronics and its subsidiary HXI provide unique solutions for applications DC through 150 GHz.

Renaissance Electronics and HXI are proven and trusted suppliers to the commercial, defense and space industries. Both companies are AS9100C Certified.

HXI specializes in millimeter wave components and assemblies.

Our products include:

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